In 1953, the legendary Squadra Azzurra was almost formed and was preparing to fight for the world title. Team coach Perroux has already found five talented masters: Avarelli, Belladonna, Forquet, Siniscalco made up the "iron four". But the World Cup team championship requires a six-player team, and Perroux couldn't find a partner for Professor Chiaradia.
The professor, like any great talent, was a very difficult companion for his partner. A lot of talent was required to understand his unexpected (and at the same time ingenious) decisions. And without a partner, this star could not shine with full splendor.
Perroux decided to select several candidates from among the Italian bridgeplayers, so that each would try to play as partner with Chiaradia in club competitions and then determine who should be included in the national team to represent Italy at the European and World Championships. And this is how Perroux included the future champion Massimo D'Alelio in the list of four potential partners for Professor Chiaradia, from among whom the coach intended to find a worthy partner for the professor.
Perroux searched tirelessly. He was helped by his friend, the journalist Carducci. Once at a tournament of pairs, Perroux drew the attention of a friend to a complete blonde with a good-natured smile on his face: “Seems to have found a shell with pearls”.
Carducci sat down behind the blond, watching the game, while Perroux continued wander around the hall. Finally, he was struck by a harmless, at first look, delivery of N-37:
NS in the zone, Dealer W.
Card layout:

Before that, different contracts were played in this board. Several pairs played 3NT (no trump game, taking 10 tricks), others played 5 diamonds or 5 clubs (in both cases, they took 11 tricks, (having received a record of 600 points), but this result is worse than 3 non-trump game with an over, for which 630 points). 5 pairs ordered a slam in clubs and sat down without one. The best result was obtained by pairs, against which the opponents, defending themselves, put a contract of 5 hearts with double.
 But since for a slam won in clubs the premium record is 1370 points, then a slam in clubs would be the best result.
The Italian bridge authorities, having appointed the famous bridgist Carlo-Alberto Perroux as coach of the national team, ordered all the organizers of tournaments in Italy to unquestioningly comply with his requirements so that Perroux could select the composition of the national team to win the European and World Championships.
Having looked at the alignment, Perroux interrupted the walk and demanded from the tournament director that he quietly recall his “star” partner (player N) and suggested that he appoint a slam in clubs in secret in handing over N-37. And so it happened:

W leads King of Hearts.

N said: “Sorry, maybe I overestimated my hand”.
Then N laying out his cards. The blond smiled affably, without answering, took a trick with Ace and thought for a minute.

Then he leads 2 of Diamonds.

The player who sat in place E put in an 8 of Diamonds, to his surprise saw that S was not ruff it with his trump card, but was putting in a 4 of Diamonds. Carducci was no less surprised, and N, believing that his partner did not notice the presence of a 4 of Diamonds, blushed with anger. However, sports discipline won and- he did not say a word.

E leads Queen of Spades.

S took it with Ace, then leads small of Clubs and took it with Dummy`s Jack of Clubs.

and continued with a 3 of Diamonds

He ruffed with a small trump card, collected all the trump cards for Ace,


And Queen

And then leads small of Spades to Dummy`s King of Spades.

Then he  took all the other tricks with his Diamonds.

Carducci leaped from his seat, ran to Perroux and said: “You're right! It is a pearl and has a wonderful brilliance”.
The blond was Massimo D'Alelio, later Chiaradia's partner and multiple World Champion. The first time he played for the Blue Team was in 1956, when Squadra Azzurra became World Champions for the first time.
Since then, they have won all the world championships in which they participated. The only defeat they are suffered at the first Olympics, when D'Alelio could not play for command.