He was called the "snow little man" for his incredible coolness to the table, which, unlike that of other famous champions, there is never separate from an expression courteous and friendly.
He is not to remember his harsh comments to the partner.
Here is a small description of one of the episodes with Guglielmo.
It was not the wonderful case but just a reasonable logical solution.
Diligence and thoughtfulness, the hallmarks of the Blue Team members, saved them from failure even when, after a trade failure, they ended up in bad contracts. For example, in a match with Austria from the same championship (North-South in the zone, South handed over) the alignment came:

In the open room, Eisler easily won the contract 5 Diamonds.
In the second room Forquet with such a "full of holes" suit left his partner in 3NT. Obviously, after a spade attack, the contract is won immediately. However, Schneider was too strong a player to attack from the best suit without the side coming to it.
After a short reflection, he came out  10 of Hearts, Siniscalco missed a trick,

and Schneider repeated to the Hearts. From the Dummy a queen, from the East the King, whom declarer interrupted with an Ace,

lead to the Dummy`s 10 of Clubs

then lead x of Diamonds. The East missed, and the declarer took the Queen,

after which he continued the Diamonds. East took the Jack

and then played Hearts

Declarer took two more Clubs while staying in the Dummy`s hand,

And played 5 of Spades. He took the 9 of Spades of the East with an Ace

and then Siniscalco played with a Queen of Spades. The West took a trick,

Then he took Jack of Spades,

but was forced to send a decisive trick of  Spades 8.

That`s all.

“How did you guess that I have the King of Spades,” Schneider asked, upset that his whist did not bring the desired effect.
“I figured it out,” Siniscalco replied with a smile.
“It follows from the game that East has the fifth King of Hearts and the third Ace-Jack of Diamonds".
"If he also had a King of Spades, he would have bid  on the first level, being before the zone".
"Therefore, you have the King of Spades. After making sure that East had three cards in Clubs, which means that he only had two Spades, I realized that only having two cards from J, 10, 9 saved me from a shortage".

And his hope for good luck was justified.